Reverse Refinance

When most people think of the term "Reverse Mortgage", they are usually referring to a Reverse Refinance Mortgage. A Reverse Refinance Mortgage actually falls under the category of  Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), an FHA insured, government sponsored program, signed into law in 1988 by none other than Ronald Reagan! If you a senior over 62, a Reverse Refinance can access you can access your home's equity without having to make a mortgage payment. If you have an existing mortgage, you can pay that off with a Reverse Refinance Mortgage, eliminating a your existing mortgage payment. Not only do you get access to your home's equity, but the cash is TAX FREE and can be used for any number of things:

  • Home Improvement
  • Pay Off Debt
  • Healthcare Costs
  • Vacation
  • Help Loved Ones
  • Retirement Costs

Tax Free Cash? No Mortgage Payment? For Real?

Yes for real! Are you trying to cross that retirement finishline? Perhaps retirement was a little more expensive than you first planned. Maybe it wasn't choice to retire, or you weren't ready, but here you are. Maybe you are doing just fine but a loved one needs you financial support.  Whatever the reason, Foxx & Associates Mortgage can help you put the cash you need in your pocket.

Obviously, any signifigant investment comes with risk and responsibilities. Even though there are no mortgage payments, you must continue to pay your taxes, insurance, and maintenance for your home. And naturally, there are costs involved. That is why Foxx and Associates team of licensed Reverse Mortgage experts is offering FREE consultations by whatever means preferred. We have always offered in-home consultations statewide, but in light of recent events, we take pride in the fact that we have expanded our services via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, GoogleMeet, Android, or just a good old-fashioned telephone can to go over your unique situation in a confidential environment.

Now, you may be asking yourself, what do I do next? Easy! Reach out to us by emailing us at  OR you can click on this page for a Quick Quote OR you can give us a ring at 727-388-5235 for a quick chat and we can arrange to send you our FREE information guide to Reverse Refinance Mortgages, with no obligation to you, and answer any questions you may have!