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Foxx and Asssociates Mortgage is part of the Foxx "family" of companies, which include Foxx and Associates Real Estate , Foxx and Associates Mortgage, Florida's Reverse Mortgage Center, and our financial blog, The Foxx Report. 

 We strive to be your "Go-To guys" for mortgages, we structure your application BEFORE it goes to the Lender's underwriter, which increases your chances of approval dramatically!

Example :  Joe Borrower was self-employed, but had a much higher income in 2021, than in 2020.

If he had applied at a Bank, the loan would have been immediately turned down for "lack of income"

Our Solution :  As mortgage brokers, we know that Fannie Mae will accept only one year of income proof, for self -employed borrowers.

So we had him file 2021 with the HIGHER income, which was completely acceptable to any Fannie Mae underwriter!

The Result : Loan Approved, and Loan Closed!

Call us at 727-388-5235 or apply online, the form is right there to your right on the screen - we'll be sure to get back to you quickly, and get your loan DONE !

About Rick Foxx, founder and CEO:

"I grew up in Detroit , Michigan, son of an accountant, who retired to San Diego at age 48 (NOT a misprint, my Dad not only raised 4 kids, but also managed take us to all 48 states in an RV, every summer,using his vacation and personal days off, then proceeded to retire comfortably in California. Smartest guy I ever met with his money!!) 

My Father instilled a work-ethic in me that pushes me to not only work for money, but also to have money work for me. I co-owned 3 rental units while only a Sophmore in college, and I knew that I wanted to be involved in Real Estate as a career. 

After graduating from Wayne State University, in Detroit MI, and after a couple years as a sales rep and later sales manager for an industrial supply company, I literally sold off everything that wouldn't fit in my 1987 Grand Am, and headed west to California.

That lasted about a year, because after 12 months of hanging out at the beach and generally not doing much in the way of work, I went back to Michigan; San Diego was beautiful but just too expensive for a young guy fresh out of college, not to mention it was just to easy to blow off work and walk to the nearest beach bar. Fun, yes, productive, not so much lol:)

Within 2 years, I had gone from being a trainee loan officer, to a Mortgage Office Manager, then went on to form Advanced Funding.  Advanced Funding quickly grew to 2 offices, and 34 employees. 

There was only one problem - Califirnia had totally ruined me on Michigan winter weather(9 months of winter followed by 3 months of bad sledding weather), so Florida became my next focus.

I was licensed to do mortgages in 1999, and in 2004 Advanced Funding was open in downtown Clearwater FL. By 2005 I had gotten licensed as a Lender/Servicer, and had begun building a portfolio of loans that we serviced in-house.

In 2007, the mortgage market froze up, and out of pure neccesity(and because starving isn't much fun), I began getting signed up as a REO agent("real estate owned" , meaning foreclosed and owned by the banks). By 2009, I got my Real Estate Broker license, and for 11 years I both listed and sold homes for all the major banks, such as Bank of America, Chase, Suntrust, and Fannie Mae.

Mortgages took a while to recover, but in 2012 I got re-licensed to be a mortgage broker, and Foxx and Associates Mortgage was born!

After seeing the disaster that Subprime loans had caused, I committed myself to only doing mortgages that would "put in you in a better position than you were before", with a focus on helping families get into good, sustainable, and affordable mortgages..

The key words that guide my lending philosophy are "make sense", because NO ONE wins in a foreclosure -- its almost as bad for the Lender, as it is for the Family getting put out of their home. I saw this personally, watching evictions , and the pain in peoples eyes as they were lost their homes. So I really make an effort in insure that our mortgages are properly underwritten and customized to YOUR unique, individual needs. No two mortgages are exactly the same, and you deserve good , personal attention to detail, that I believe only a local community based company like Foxx and Associates can provide.

So now 24 years later, I think I can confidently say I "know what the hell I'm doing" in both Mortgages and Real Estate.

Feel free to call or email any questions to me personally, my contact information is below.

Thanks for taking the time to read this - now that you know about ME, feel free to call, and see what Foxx and Associates can do FOR YOU!

Warm Regards, 

Rick Foxx, Broker

Foxx and Asociates Mortgage

(727)743-8048 direct cell

(727)388-5235 office